jeudi 4 juillet 2013


 Apartamento: an every day life interiors magazine.

 Sova: an independent self-published photography and art magazine.

 Elephant: the quarterly magazine that delves into modern art and visual culture.

 Brooklyn Diary: life in Brooklyn.

 Kid's Wear: a magazine for children's fashion, lifestyle and culture which is unique anywhere in the world.

 Sohi: a contemporary lifestyle magazine showcasing the creative, art and fashion scene in the NSW Southern Highlands.

 The Plant Journal: a journal about ordinary plants and other greener.

 Gather: a recipe-driven food magazine dedicated to the many aspects of gathering: to dine, to drink, to harvest, and to cook.

 Skateboard: all about skateboard.

 Aesthetica: a leading visual art and contemporary culture publication that combines dynamic content with compelling critical debate.

 The Architectural Review: an architecture magazine since 1896.

  Nero: a quarterly contemporary culture magazine.

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