lundi 6 août 2012

chez Jessica Barensfeld et Simon Howell

Elle est designer de bijoux et il est photographe: le magazine Freunde von Freunden les a interviewé et photographié dans leur charmant petit chez eux de Brooklyn. 
"(...)Simon Howell and Jessica Barensfeld have created a nest in which time passes restfully. Here, the sun seems to always shine into a jungle of curiosities and clouds of freshly brewed lemon and apple mint tea." 

"Simon, the English-man and trained photographer along with his girlfriend Jessica, a native New Yorker and jewelry designer, enjoy a partnership that goes beyond each of their own personal creative endeavors. While enjoying baked goods and the company of their two cats and a borrowed dog, we discuss the ways of living in a postmodern metropolis, the beauty of timelessness and the tides and ebbs of growing up."

Pour lire toute l'interview et voir plus d'images, c'est par ici.

Belle journée!

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